Nothing but an Apparition. Search – Recognize – Let go

India – a land of contrasts and at the same time the birthplace of yoga, which the author travels to again and again because it casts a spell over her. Living in a different world and culture, which are alien to Western, rationally oriented thinking, allows her to reach her limits, but also to find her way, which from now on is determined by mysticism and spirituality. The search for the highest happiness leads them from one sacred, often remote place to another.
On her path Sonja Karbon encounters yogis and would-be yogis, hermits, simple people, great masters and those who still want to become one, as well as spiritual followers of various kinds – and she realizes that what is often sold as “holy” in both East and West is often nothing more than a means to win over aspirants. And what is Yoga, in the West today “in” and mainstream, really? What does it really mean for the individual, besides practicing the asanas?
Your journey does not end at a special place or with an incomparable experience, but with the realization that the spiritual quest is nothing but an apparition and the essence of yoga philosophy is to be found within yourself.
A special book for yogis, spiritual seekers, India enthusiasts and friends of Far Eastern culture.

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