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KARBON Consulting GmbH is your contact in organisational development, educational design and European projects. Our company is based in Leutasch, Austria, where we live the principle of ‘Think globally, act locally’ in our business areas and are therefore also committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are characterised by an attitude that is supported by the resonance principle. Accompanied by flexibility and a clear view, valuing the enduring and combining it with the new – the art of sustainable innovation, as is particularly necessary in transformation processes, is part of KARBON Consulting GmbH.
By the way: Did you know that the Carboniferous era of the Earth’s history 355 million years ago had a decisive influence on our flora and fauna and that dragonflies, for example, with a wingspan of up to 70 cm were found in extremely different climatic conditions?
These are the development opportunities, the diversity and the ability to use synergy effects that can be found at KARBON Consulting GmbH.

Excellent conductivity and high resistance combined with elasticity are among the properties of carbon fibres. KARBON Consulting is also characterized by an attitude that is based on the resonance principle.  Accompanied by flexibility and a clear view to appreciate the lasting and to combine it with the new – the art of sustainable innovation, as it is especially required in change processes, is part of KARBON Consulting. But carbon fibers are not the only fibers known for their multiple uses. The geological age of carbon 355 million years ago has also had a significant impact on our flora and fauna. Mountain unfoldings, dragonflies with a wing span of up to 70 cm and the spread of many different species on land under extremely different climatic conditions show the development possibilities, diversity and ability to use synergy effects as they can be found at KARBON Consulting.

EU-Projects, Coaching in Concept & Project

Showcase projects have one thing in common: An idea that simply fits! And many people have many good ideas. But: The playground of ideas is big enough to get lost in. Already during development it is essential not only to have the “right nose” but also to link the processes with the right project and time management. The offer includes tailor-made support from the development of your idea to the concrete action plan.

Plans are usually there to be thrown overboard! But without a plan, the unforeseen simply loses its charm.

Trainings, Seminars & Courses

Knowledge is useful when it is also applied. For this reason, seminars & courses of KARBON Consulting have the claim to give space to living learning, so that education becomes effective in the long run. Thereby the connection of theory and practice is in the foreground. In the sense of today’s reduction of consumption, participants are challenged to actively deal with the contents in order to obtain the greatest possible benefit for themselves and to apply what they have learned to their daily practice. In addition to the areas of communication, digitalization, gender & diversity and personality development, there is a wide range of topics that can be tailored to the desired learning objectives.

Learning is a journey of inner discovery into the world of the new and unknown. This results in education, which is nourished when it is lived.

Women & Leadership

Women want to lead. Companies want women to lead. There is a consensus on this. Nevertheless, there are barriers (system-related, organisational, mental) which contribute to the fact that women are a special feature in decision-making positions such as the board of directors or management. The glass ceiling is now well known, the Thomas cycle is well known among insiders and the queen bee syndrome in the case of male over-presence is also part of it. There are various approaches to counteract this. The fact is: Women are increasing in the working world! Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, Vaude, IKEA, BMW, Hofer show how it can be done. Above all, however, it is one of the top issues of the future and is the worldwide goal no. 5 of Agenda 2030. Leadership, especially in top positions, is not dependent on gender, but on the person ergo the personality. However, it is about making invisible, unconscious structures and cultures visible that prevent women from getting into decision-making positions at all, so that the right levers can be set in motion. Companies that now decide to actively deal with this issue are thus also opting for their own value growth. Let us shape the future!

Diversity in Companies

What does your vegetable patch have to do with diversity in organisations? Resilience, healthy growth in structure and culture and optimal use of synergy effects – in other words, more than we would probably expect at first. In agriculture, it is now widely accepted that mixed crops are more durable, sustainable and economically productive than monocultures. It is no different for diversity in organisations. And with increasing globalization, diversity has become not only a “nice to have”, but indispensable to remain sustainable. Processes, procedures, structure and culture can prevent or promote diversity. This must be examined through the lens of diversity in order to generate the maximum potential. To ensure that your view is not clouded by initial challenges, you can rely on the professional support of KARBON Consulting. Because together the change of perspective is easier!

Recognizing and utilizing differences is one of the greatest resources we have available in our cooperation.


Teamwork is hard work. Every manager and every team member knows that as soon as things don’t go the way they should. Every dynamic is a characteristic of development. Resistance from individuals, groups or the entire team is a resource that can be used to achieve a team’s self-image. Because good cooperation is the basis for the success of daily work. Communication processes and communication culture, procedures, responsibilities, decision-making, clarity about roles and functions, meaning and benefits are all areas that belong to this cooperation. If you decide to consciously take time for the team, you are also opting for quality time. In doing so, you invest with a guaranteed return on investment with a dividend of successful team cooperation. Depending on your needs, team development can take place in the form of moderated retreats, conferences and training courses or long-term process support. For a tailor-made offer, simply contact me and we will arrange a non-binding initial meeting.

Coaching in Professional Change Processes

We work in Europe for an average of 36 years* – and the trend is rising. That’s 36 years of life and the working world is becoming increasingly dynamic, dynamic and fast. All the more important to know what we really want! Without doubt, modesty and compromise. This requires courage, personal confidence and being a little crazy. The journey is of priceless value – because getting from job to vocation is the directional pillar in the Vuca world today. For some it is already clear as daylight, for others it can be a process of becoming. Both are justified, because it´s about focusing on transforming the existing potentials in such a way that the inner voice matches the professional possibilities. Due to my many years of experience in the context of labour market policy, especially in the management of the FrauenBerufsZentrum Tirol, I deal with trends and future of the working world, digitalisation in working life, transformation of job descriptions and current developments in application processes. Accompaniment in professional change processes can be understood as preparation for a new job, the next step in one’s career, the challenges in a new position, especially as a manager, or the general question of one’s own core competence. The services offered range from potential analysis to the preparation of concrete application documents or support in professional decision-making processes. You determine the direction and I accompany you in this process!

We live what others talk about...


Sonja Karbon
Founder and Managing Director KARBON Consulting GmbH

Sonja Karbon, Geschäftsführerin von Karbon Consulting
© Ilvy Rodler Photography
Potential Transformation
Having "grown up" professionally in the social and educational sector, I was able to learn to use resources efficiently and still stay in touch with people. However, I was strongly influenced by the insight that systems affect people and vice versa. This phenomenon is still a focus of my work today, i.e. to understand structures and the culture of companies as well as to make the needs and potentials of individuals visible in order to achieve a positive effect on the interdependence of this connection - potential transformation.
Change of Perspectives
With my numerous stays abroad, mainly in Southeast Asia, I was able to pursue my interest in different cultures. This school of life, which cannot be found in instruction manuals or academic degrees, forms the basis for my focus on interculturality, communication and diversity, in order to support constructive cooperation in projects, teams or organisations - change of perspectives.
Change in Values, Holistic Nature & Sustainability
In addition, the study of International Health and Social Management has sharpened my awareness of global challenges and societal contexts. Fast-growing markets, scarce resources, monetary economic systems and increasing pressure on the players need new and, above all, courageous approaches. Agenda 2030 and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are part of my view of sustainability. I see these goals as pointing the way forward, so that I can use them to develop options for action -Change in values. Holistic Nature. Sustainability.
Awareness, Meaningful & Education
Above all, the strategies of nature fascinate me and can be used for different phases of development within a process. The principle of mixed cropping, which increases the resilience of each individual plant, the positive selection in seed production to obtain the best possible variety, or the network of trees and their well thought-out communication system are only excerpts of phenomena that never cease to amaze me. The intelligence of nature is my source for infinite learning and also shows how lively learning processes can be designed - Awareness. Meaningful. Education.


Certified consultant for Mindfulness in Organisations (MIO Consultant), Mindful Leadership Institute. 2022

MSc. Course in Organizational Development and Consulting. FH Vorarlberg | Schloss Hofen. (2018 – 2019)
Thesis: Sustainability in organizations

MA Course International Health and Social Management. MCI Innsbruck (2015 – 2017)
Thesis: The Well-being of Women during Menstruation in Low-Middle-Income countries and the Role of Health and Education Systems. A comparative study in Bangladesh – Bhutan – India.

2nd place at the Health Research Award. Austrian Chamber of Commerce (2018)

Public health. North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh. (semester abroad, 2016)

International Health Law and Ethics. Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands (summer course, 2016)

University course of the Psychotherapeutic Propaedeutic. Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck. (2005 – 2009)

Diploma studies in educational sciences. Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck (2003 – 2008)
Thesis: The interplay of soul and body in dealing with an incurable disease using cancer as an example.

From practice – for practice: Leading in times of digital change. MCI. (2021)

Course Womenomics – More women on supervisory boards and advisory boards
. Tyrol Chamber of Commerce. (2019)

Seminars “Ethics in Action. Economy for a Sustainable Development” and “Gender Dynamics in Changing Societies.” within the framework of the European Forum Alpbach on Diversity and resilience. (2018)

Basic course for New Authority according to Haim Omer. Institute for New Authority. (2018)

Training as a skilled agricultural worker. Chamber of Agriculture Tyrol. (2019)

Certificate course for vegetable rarities and variety specialities. Noah’s Ark and Rural Training Institute. (2018)
Final thesis: Beauty has many faces. An ethical discourse of plant aesthetics in the field of tension between today’s consumption and seed selection

Intensive certificate course in permaculture. Academy of Permaculture (2014)

Training course for the Gestalt teacher. KPH Edith Stein (2008 – 2010)
Final thesis: The good thing about conflict. A journey of discovery from a different perspective on aggression.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC). Yoga Vedanta School. India (2010)

International training as a yoga teacher (YTTC). International Samvit Sagar Yoga School for Self-Knowledge. India (2008)

KARBON Consulting supports the Sustainable Development & Inner Development Goals

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