Interview: Mindful Leadership & Training

In episode 8 of the interview series for the European WellBE Training Project Sonja Karbon provided an interview on mindful leadership, the presence of the trainer, and the magical skill that creates mastery in facilitation. This is an unusual episode which starts with brief yet effective check-in led by her. Sonja Karbon has been a facilitator of trainings and workshops since 2009, focusing on mindfulness leadership, diversity and intercultural competence as well as personal development. Since 2017, she has been actively involved in the development of innovative educational designs within the framework of Erasmus+ projects and has already led several European projects. Sonja is a lecturer at the MCI University of Applied Sciences and was selected by the European Commission for the EUwomen4future campaign in 2020. Her work is characterized by a close link between theory and practice, the integration of learning approaches from neurobiological research and the promotion of deep-learning-experiences.


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